Saturday, April 16, 2011

Low cost technology (video conferencing) being used in UG

Dear Friends,

On 18th March 2011, we had one experiment where School of Architecture wanted my help to have a two-way-video-two-way-audio conferencing with around 100 participants each at four locations in Guyana, viz. Georgetown, Linden, Berbice and Essequibo. I gave a demo to a student of Mr William Harris on how we can achieve this through Skype. Mr Harris deputed his students to different locations who did the configuration (at Linden, Berbice and Essequibo). At one site there was no webcam available but they could hear us. This conference was for Sustainable Architecture. We were web-casting it from Georgetown. See some images taken at GTI of the session:

Another instance of using technology is by our Personnel Division where now a days overseas candidates are being interviewed via skype. This is helping University in cutting costs for overseas calls.

Skype is can be used for teaching learning too!
See this interesting example, where a skype lesson was held between two countries: Istanbul-Turkey and Nin Brno in Czech Republic on 14 April 2011

See, how this can be used for language teaching too!

I am sure our teachers will try this experiment!!


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